The Brown Scapular

Wearing the Brown Scapular

Wearing the Brown Seapular is an absolute treasure for those who trust in the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“Whoever dies invested with this Scapular shall be preserved from the eternal flames. It is a sign of salvation, a sure safeguard in danger, a pledge of peace and of my special protection until the end of the ages.” - Our Lady to St. Simon Stock

If you wish to start wearing a brown scapular, ideally get it blessed. However, if you are enrolled in the Brown Scapular Confraternity, you are blessed with this devotion and do not need to bless any future brown scapular that you wear.

The Brown Scapular Confraternity

​To join the Brown Scapular Confraternity, get in contact with a traditional priest near you and make a request to join the Brown Scapular Confraternity. The priest will arrange a day to get you enrolled.

The Sabbatine Privilege

“As a tender Mother, I will descend into purgatory on the Saturday after their death and will deliver them into the heavenly mansions of life everlasting.” - Our Lady to Pope John XXII

The requirements:

  • To wear the Brown Scapular habitually.

  • To observe chastity according to our state in life.

  • To pray daily the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin or very like the priest enrolling you will substitute this requirement with the daily Rosary.

Note: Many Modern Catholics (Novus Ordo) do not know or take this devotion seriously, because of the Novus Ordo influence that everyone will be basically saved (which is not true). For the Traditional Catholics, this is a highly cherished authentic Catholic devotion. This is not just a promise of salvation, but quick salvation from purgatory as promised by Our Lady.